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15.-18. května

Book World Prague 2014
20th international book fair and literary festival

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Each year the themes of the fair are informed by readers’ current interests, literary sub-genres and the context of the international book market and literary scene.

This year’s fair will present the following programme blocks:

History As Reflected in Literature

Many publishers have historical literature on their lists. We offer a forum to historical novelists and their publishers.

A discussion on developments in literature in post-communist countries since the fall of the Berlin Wall will take place in conjunction with the conferral of the Jiri Theiner Award (from 4pm on Friday, 16 May in the Literary Theatre) and in cooperation with Index on Censorship magazine and other partners from abroad.

Fantasy & Sci-fi

The next instalment in a comprehensive programme event dedicated to bestselling genres has been prepared in cooperation with the Academy of Fantasy, Sci-fi and Horror and the magazines Pevnost and XB-1. It will include readings, exhibitions, discussions and a common sales point for publishers with a major interest in this theme. A special area in the Right Wing of the Palace of Industry will be reserved for events focused on fantasy and sci-fi.

The Many Faces of the Book

At a time when forms of the book are subject to dynamic evolution, we wish to highlight developments in book design through history right up to the digitization of print and the use of modern technologies for electronic and audio-visual access to literary texts. Events will include a ten-year retrospective exhibition of award-winning books from the Most Beautiful Czech Books of the Year competition. Visitors can also look forward to a large display of the wares of antiquarian booksellers, including, in the Left Wing of the Palace, an exhibition on the work of Ladislav Sutnar.

Cooking with the Book

Presenting chefs and authors of cookery books.

Anniversaries in 2014

This year is important in terms of commemorating historical events and the lives of literary figures, which we will acknowledge in the programme of the accompanying festival.

Historical anniversaries: 100 years since the beginning of the First World War; 75 years since the start of the Second World War; 25 years since the fall of the Berlin Wall and the Velvet Revolution; 15 years since the Czech Republic joined NATO; 10 years since the Czech Republic joined the EU.

Anniversaries in the lives of literary figures: Bohumil Hrabal (born 100 years ago), Jiří Kolář (born 100 years ago), Jan Zábrana (died 30 years ago). Their works will be commemorated in events and exhibitions at the fair and in the city (evenings, e.g., at the Viola theatre).