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15.-18. května

Book World Prague 2014
20th international book fair and literary festival

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Application deadline: March 31, 2014

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Registration of professional visitors facilitates the establishment of professional and business contacts between visitors and exhibitors of the 20th International Book Fair and Literary Festival Book World Prague 2014. It has been designed for representatives with decision -making authority and offers various advantages at the book fair on the day of May 15, 2014.

After registration and payment CZK 200 (ticket price includes VAT) at cash desk the professional visitor will be granted the following advantages:

• 1 permanent entry ticket for 4 days

• 2 one-day tickets for non-registered colleagues

• entry in the WHO IS WHO catalogue on www.bookworld.cz

• free copy of the Exhibitors Catalogue

• free copy of the Events Catalogue

• possibility of booking and use of table in the Business Centre free of charge

• free access to the internet in the Business Centre - for the entire duration of the book fair

• 1 free hot drink


After your registration we will send you an exchangeable voucher by e-mail in the beginning of May. Please, bring this voucher to the cash desk for professional public on May 15, 2014. After payment of CZK 200 you will get permanent entry ticket, 2 one-day tickets and a catalogues-voucher. Upon the presentation of the catalogue-voucher in Businnes Centre you will receive catalogues and hot drink in the Business Centre.


Contact person:

Andrea Tacheci